Pouches & Bags

Our approach


  • Safe use and safe consumption (authenticity and temper evidence)Focus on growing pouch business to replace rigid packgaging
  • Be selective in geography, application, format
  • Focus on pouch format leveraging other innovation themes, particularly sustainable and performance packaging
  • Explore & develop strategic partnerships in the value chain




PocketLam by Constantia Flexibles is the optimal packaging for snacks. The Unlaminated area will be used like a pocket after opening of the pack. The pocket is located on the backside of the pack and can be used as integrated „waste bin“ for nutshells.
  • PocketLam helps to reduce waste with integrated „waste bin“ – ecological benefit
  • No additional investment or modification on the packing line
  • Convenience for the consumer



Pouches & Bags and how the Megatrend Urbanization will affect packaging!

Vision: Drive new packaging formats