Head of Group R&D

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Achim Grefenstein
SVP of Group R&D
T: +49 961 87 309
M: +49 1520 189 17 24


Head of CC Aluminium

Dr. Martin Kornfeld
Vice President of R&D CC Aluminium and Foil Laminates

T +43 2747 700 303
F +43 2747 700 99 303


Head of CC Films

Dr. Claudia Müller Vice President CC Polymer Films and Film Laminates

T +49 961 87 238

F +49 961 87 828 238


Research & Development

Our Research and Development focuses on creating flexible packaging solutions for our customers that make products more attractive and easier to use, offer optimum product protection and compliance with safety regulations, and offset increasing costs pressures with new solutions. In addition to supporting our divisions and product managers/application engineers as efficient service provider in customer projects, R&D also develops completely new innovations (in-house developments). For this, our raw material experts are in regular contact with external development partners, such as suppliers, technical organizations, institutes and universities for early identification of market trends and relevant technologies.

Around 80 employees operate in the field of R&D and Innovation in a professional environment in our Centers of Competence (CC) and Product Excellence Centers (PEC):

+ CC Aluminum Foil and Foil Laminates (Constantia Teich, Austria)
•    Aluminum raw materials and foils
•    Extrusion coating compounds and processes
•    Lacquers and inks on foils
•    Adhesives on foils
•    Punching and laser scoring
•    UV-Flexo and digital printing
•    Analytics
•    Food and pharma legislation

+ CC Polymer Films and Film Laminates (Constantia Hueck Folien, Germany)
•    Polymers and films
•    Adhesive lamination
•    Lacquers and inks on plastics
•    Adhesives on plastics
•    Cold seal materials
•    Flexo and gravure printing
•    Analytics
•    Active packaging

+ PEC Pharma Blister (Constantia Patz, Austria)
•    Application engineering and analytics
•    Blister forming line
•    Simulation of forming process
•    Pharma-specific row materials

+ PEC Pharma Laminates (Constantia Tobepal, Spain)
•    Pharma-specific raw material
•    Application engineering and analytics

Constantia Flexibles has bundled the technical resources in the Competence Centers by:

+ State-of-the-art wet chemical laboratory with in-house lacquer development
+ Pilot plant facilities for blown and cast film extrusion, lacquering, adhesive and extrusion lamination and compound development
+ A wide range of analytical and test equipment for checking properties of raw materials and products up to pilot testing on packaging machines
+ Experts in the area of food law compliance+ Experts for all relevant raw material groups (alu, films, paper, lacquers, dyes, adhesives, cold seal materials, polymers, …)