Constantia – Growth strategy

What makes Constantia Flexibles attractive to investors?

We offer investors a very attractive combination of stability and growth. On the one hand, our products in all two segments – Consumer and Pharma - are close to daily consumer needs, and therefore very independent of economic cycles. Besides the existing growth potentials in industrialized countries, there are new opportunities especially in the so-called Emerging Markets. This is due to increasing populations, new middle classes, longer life expectancies and smaller households. Additionally consumers increasingly want to replace rigid containers by flexible packaging solutions, which have more customer friendly and have lower material requirements.



Grayling Österreich GmbH
Siebensterngasse 31
1070 Wien / Vienna

T: +43 (0) 1 524 43 00



Strong global market position in attractive segments

Global #1
+ Confectionery foil
+ Die-cut lidding
+ Alu-container system

Global #2
+ Reel-fed lidding


Global #2
+ Blister lidding foils
+ Coldform foils


~60% of sales in attractive markets, where Constantia commands a #1 or #2 position

Global trends drive demand for flexible packaging